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Beautiful homoerotic art and comics by Felix d’Eon (NSFW)

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Art felix deon Queer Artist

Felix d’Eon

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Felix d'Eon Signed Watercolor Painting

Felix d'Eon

The work of being inclusive is never ending! It's a book I have always loved! In my work I seek to shed light on these dark corners, which are hidden by the prejudices of the past, and to re-paint history, as though with my brush I could address the injustices of our forefathers and create a world that is free of prejudice and which fully embraces love and desire in all its beautiful diversity.

  • Her work is largely inspired by medieval manuscripts, , her Norwegian heritage, the occult, and most notably, her cats.

  • A piece might be of a , a gay Jewish couple, or a group of trans satyrs and fauns frolicking in the woods.

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